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At Omnes Academy we strongly believe that one positive learning experience can have an everlasting impression. That is why we organize camps for kids, teens and adults to become better at English, build confidence and be ready for the future.




Our Academy

Need work on your portfolio?

Trying to apply at the university as an aviation, engineering or a medical student?

Planning to study abroad?

Working on your career?

Omnes regularly organizes camps in English to serve your needs. After successfully attending the course you will be awarded a


Aviation Camps

Welcome future aviation student!

The world of aviation is vast and diverse with lots of standards and regulations. Omnes Academy can help you find a way! Check our upcoming aviation camps regularly and do not forget your TOEIC exam.

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Engineering Camps

As an engineering you must be creative, curious and innovative!

That is why Omnes organizes unique camps to improve your engineering skills so that you can become a quality professional that thinks logically and communicates effectively.

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Medical Camps

Ready to become a medical professional?

The world of medicine can be hard and stressful. Prepare yourself and join our medical camps to learn the fundamentals of medicine. We regularly organize camps such as; anatomy, physiology, physical examination, First Aid and many others to serve your needs.

Language Camps

Not confident about your language skill?

We provide tailored language training & camps for the following languages: Chinese, English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

Proficiency test coming up!?

TOEIC, TEFL, IELTS, HSK, A1-C2, etc. Our language consultants can help you prepare.

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